“The acceptable face of violence”. Retribution for honour.

The gentlemen of old accepted and thrived on what the modern world deems violence. Yet the Edwardian era was conceivably a safer place, on the streets, in & of the home. Maybe the tradition of the duel should be revived, perhaps even promoted for the modern dispute, to ease the path to settlement. With today’s technological advances and level playing field of personal armament, the worker, read poorer, need not be at the disadvantage of those privileged elitists, the once rich only gun owners essentially. Would the blame/claim culture, “justice for all” trends, be satiated with this Biblical style of retribution, the “eye for and eye” ethos, but then are we just one stop from the Gladiatorial spectacle entertainment? Somewhere and something for the high street mercenary to prove his prowess, justified and legitimatised.